Organic Source - Our Story:

Shelley is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary story.  Her story should inspire and motivate you, a story of triumph through adversity that proves anything is possible.

​In September 2010 she discovered she had a month to live. A large benign brain tumour was applying so much pressure to her brain stem that her heart would stop. 

​Debulking the tumour caused several complications that took her 6 years to recover from. She also discovered she had Multiple Sclerosis. Fortunately, Shelley discovered the incredible benefits good quality, natural CBD can provide and Organic Source was established. There is no doubt that using these CBD products has made a huge difference to Shelley’s level and speed of recovery, and even though the medical establishment decline to accept that this is the case they also can’t deny the amazing level of her recovery (See some of Shelley's recovery images below.)

Latest Developments:

After using CBD products for a number of years we had to rethink our business – this was mainly due to BREXIT and the new NOVEL Foods legislation which has meant the demise of many smaller CDB product manufacturers and distributers. We have now aligned our business with a company called Reakiro, an established manufacturer and supplier of high-end products, an agreement that Organic Source is immensely proud to be part of. 

Here's why:

​From seed to shelf, Reakiro guarantees premium quality CBD in each and every product. Right from the very start of the process, Reakiro put the care, attention, and research into finding the very best strain of hemp. 

The methods used to produce a natural full spectrum extract ensure that you fully benefit from all-natural cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids found in the plant. For the purpose of purity, consistency, and transparency; every batch of CBD extract is tested in an independent third-party laboratory.

As well as selling Reakiro products we are also a source where you will find a wealth of information (Visit our 'Hub').  The more that is known about this natural product, the larger its positive impact.

Reakiro products have minimal to no trace of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive element which can cause 'highs' and mind-altering effects in certain cannabis products. The low THC strain of hemp used ensures that the levels of THC will always be lower than 0.02%. 

At Organic Source we are now more confident than ever that our products are of the highest quality, safe to use and will provide maximum benefit with no side effects or downsides to their use.

Triumph through Adversity

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